What is an investment loan?

A finance leverage with low interest rate only available for Canadian. Through wisely investing strategy, you can achieve financial freedom quicker than you think.

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How does investment loan work?

How does loan work

Benefits of Investment Loan

With investment loan, you can……

1. Fast forward your savings

With a traditional savings plan, only the investment you make in the first year will have the full 20 years to grow. Each subsequent year, the amount you contribute will have less time to grow.

If you invest $14,900 annually for 20 years, with 18.8% return rate, you can get around $433,086 after 10 years; at the 15th year, your invest would reach $1,153,491。

However, if you made an interest-only annual payment of $14,900 toward a $200,000 investment loan, the entire loan amount could benefit for the full 15 years, and save 10 more years than invest with your own money.

After 15 years, your investment will worth $2,450,188 (after repaying the $200,000 loan), which is $1,296,697 more than the traditional savings plan.

2. Investment lending

Investment lending

A financial strategy that can for the right investor, help achieve your financial planning goals sooner by making a larger initial investment.

A way for investors to potentially grow their investment portfolio faster than traditional saving alone.

Investment loans can be a suitable tool to help with longer-term savings goals or to supplement RSP and government pensions in retirement.

3. Maximize your wealth

大部分情况下,借钱赚取投资收入所支付的利息是可以免税的。例如,如果您以 7.45% 的利率借入 $200,000 进行投资,您的年利息支出约为 $14,900 。在其他条件相同的情况下,扣除 $14,900 将产生 $7,195 的潜在税收节省。

From the above data, it can be seen that the interest paid each month is much lower than the nominal interest rate after tax deduction.
For high-income groups, the actual interest payment can even be halved.

How much do you need to invest today to match your financial goal?

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P+0.75%, 7.45% right now.


It depends on personal financial situation, such as your assets, income and liabilities.

Yes, you can view your investment account (the account where your loan proceeds are invested) online under our admin's instruction. Only with your authorization, we can manage the account for you. The account security is guaranteed by funds company.

All the loan come from formal banks like National Bank、B2B Bank、Manulife Bank etc. All the money will directly transfer into clients' own account that opened with those banks.

AI Financial doesn't provide private loan services.

You can withdraw the investment profit at any time you want. There is no lock period of withdrawing.

You can withdraw 10% of currently market value without any charge back.

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