Segregated Funds

The features of segregated funds can meet your investment, income and inheritance needs at the same time, whether you are saving for retire early, enjoying retirement, or making a wealth inheritance plan for your family.

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Security benefits + Insurance benefits

Segregated Funds, like Mutual Funds, are investments based on market dynamics. A large amount of money belonging to many people is invested in stocks, bonds or other securities under the operation of fund managers with the purpose of increasing the value of the entire pool of funds and creating returns for investors.

However, since segregated funds contracts are insurance contracts, they have something special that mutual funds do not have.

Mutual Funds

Segregated Funds

Benefits of Segregated Funds

Maturity & Death benefit guarantee

With a segregated fund contract, you’re guaranteed to receive at least 75 per cent of your deposits (or 100 per cent, depending on the contract), reduced for any withdrawals, when the contract matures or investors pass away.

Named Beneficiary + Probate-free

Because segregated funds are technically insurance contracts, they let investors name a beneficiary to allow the investment to bypass probate and the estate at death.

Creditor protection

Segregated fund contracts have the potential to protect your assets from creditors. If a family class or irrevocable beneficiary to the contract is named, the segregated fund contract may be protected from the owner’s creditors during his/her lifetime.

Success with AIF Investing System

For investors in AIF, we offer investment strategies that protect, grow, flexible and controllable. Meet the needs of all long-term investors.

We Offer:


The AIF investment system brings clients an average annual compound interest return of 18.8%.We follow the rule of value investment and create continuous and stable investment profits. Whether you want rapid wealth freedom, planning for retirement, or considering property inheritance, the AIF investment system can meet your needs.

Risk Control

Through AIF's down to earth risk control, we strictly follow the "Stop doing list", in order to ensure minimize risk from the start. With the guarantee function of the capital preservation fund, it can fully protect the safety of clients' assets.

Maximize the Benefits

Use segregated funds with investment loan to maximize principal, grow faster, and minimize tax. AIF always meet clients' best interest and get wealth together.

How to buy segregated funds?


Pick a Time

Choose your preferred time for a free one-on-one consultation with AIF's investment advisors.

An investment advisor will help you understand how our products will achieve your goals. If you do not have a clear plan for your future investment, our consultants can also customize your personal investment plan and plan your wealth life according to your real situation.

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Investing NOW

The best time to invest is 10 years ago and now.

Your advisor will help you make decisions, fill out paperwork and ensure funding is available. Your account will be opened under banks and fund companies, and all operations must be confirmed by your signature.


Enjoy Life

If you think our investment ability needs time to test, we highly recommend you start with a PAD of $50 per month, or open a $1000 TFSA account.

If you have enough trust in us, investment loan will be your best choice, you will have the opportunity to achieve your financial goals 10 years ahead of others. AIF can help you enjoy the power of compound interest.

Segregated Funds FAQ

You can start with a PAD of $50 per month to build a long-term investment strategy.

You can use basically every account, such as TFSA, RRSP, RESP, Non-Reg, etc.

There are thousands of different funds in the market. We will recommend you the best one based on your investing goals, financial statement and risk tolerance.

Yes, you can view your investment account (the account where your loan proceeds are invested) online under our admin's instruction. Only with your authorization, we can manage the account for you. The account security is guaranteed by funds company.

According to AIF's investment system, the Segregated funds we select mainly invest in the US stock market, and select leading companies in leading industries. Our average compound interest return over the past 10 years is more than 18.8% per annum.

At the same time, we believe that leverage should be used appropriately to maximize assets and maximize returns, and segregated funds are the most suitable financial products for investment loans.

All the return you see on our website have been deducted management fees, and AI Financial does not charge you fees, the returns you see are the final real returns.

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