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AIF Investment System

Investing wisely, retire early.

if strategy_AIF 投资系统

AIF Investing System

AIF strategy
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Investment Strategy

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AI Financial follows value investing, selects fund portfolios that follow the U.S. stock market, and matches each client's personal situation to achieve sustaining and stable investment profits for clients.

As can be seen from the trend chart above, AI Financial's investment is characterized by stability and can effectively resist stock market shocks.

In the past ten years, AI Financial's average annual compound interest return has been 20.7%. So far, not a single client has lost money.

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We build our own high-quality fund library. All funds are selected in the following order to ensure sustained and stable profitability.

  1. Research and select the stock portfolios of high-value leading companies
  2. Select all funds containing these stock portfolios in fund companies and put them into the AI ​​Financial screening system
  3. Investigate and research the concept of fund managers, and exclude them from the system Funds managed by fund managers who do not have the correct value system and are inconsistent with AI Financial’s principle.

We don't charge any fee from clients. We earn commissions from fund companies and from the market. AI Financial and customers are a community of interests. Only when customers make money from the market can our company make money.

In all investment processes, AI Financial does not directly handle client funds. Regardless of whether it is a loan or own funds, they directly go to client’s own accounts and directly purchase the funds recommended by us.

Clients can log in online banking at where they have opened an account at any time to check the capital flow and balance. We can’t do anything to clients’ money without their permission.

At the same time, we control the risk by purchasing segregated funds, which contain capital protection function through insurance companies .

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95% of people in the market are losing money or even making money, and only 5% are making money.

Investing wisely, retire early.