About Ai Financial

Your best long-term investing solution.

Who we are

Founded in 2020, Ai Financial’s core team brings over 20 years of experience from Stock market, Options, Investment banking, banking, mutual fund, insurance and segregate fund. We provide Canadian residents with professional investment advice and asset management services.

Our mission is simple: to empower all Canadians to achieve a happy, healthy, and prosperous retirement through financial investment.

Core Product Offers

Ai Financial offers expert investment advice and account management across Canada. Here’s a quick overview of our complete suite of business offerings including investment loans, segregated funds and investment accounts.

We’ve achieved a 20%+ average annual investment return over the past decade.


Improve the retirement pension system in Canada

At Ai Financial, we deeply understand the significance of Canada’s retirement pension system.

The Canadian pension system, CPP, is increasingly challenged to sustain the retirement livelihood of future retirees. Data indicates that in 1966, only 7 workers supported one retiree; by 2000, this ratio had decreased to 5:1, and it is predicted to further decline to 3 workers supporting one retiree by 2040. In 2019, the updated data shows that approximately every 3.6 workers support one retiree, and the projection for 2035 suggests a ratio of 2:1. This poses a significant burden on future workers, and the livelihood of retirees is not guaranteed. For residents living in Canada and the next generation, this is an imminent issue.

Ai Financial is committed to enhancing the retirement life of Canadians through financial means, ensuring they can enjoy a dignified and prosperous later life. We not only see it as a mission but also consider it a noble duty.

We firmly believe that through our investment and financial planning services, we can assist Canadians in adequately preparing for the challenges of retirement, achieving greater happiness and peace of mind.


You fulfill your dream, we cover your bills

At Ai Financial, you are the dream achiever, and we take on the responsibility of providing the financial support you need.

Whether your dream is to bid farewell to the daily grind, pursue your interests and passions, or provide a better life for your family, we will do everything in our power to ensure your aspirations become a reality.


Help Canadians live happy, healthy, and wealthy lives through investment

Our goal is crystal clear: through investment, help Canadians navigate a happy, healthy, and prosperous retirement. Retirement doesn’t have to wait until a certain age; financial freedom means freedom of choice.

Whether your goal is to increase wealth, mitigate risks, or achieve financial freedom, our professional team will collaborate with you to tailor a personalized investment plan based on your needs and objectives. As a Fintech company, we can provide advanced data analytics, intelligent investment tools, and efficient asset management to offer comprehensive and swift support for your investments.

Core Value

Integrity, Honesty, Humility, Trusty, Responsibility

Our core values are the cornerstone of our work, permeating every service and decision we make.

Honesty and integrity are the keys to building trust with our clients. We maintain humility, recognizing the constant changes in the financial landscape, and continuously learn and adapt to meet our clients’ needs. Trust forms the foundation of our success, and we understand that the trust our clients place in us is invaluable. Therefore, we take on a significant responsibility to ensure our services meet your expectations. We will consistently uphold these core values to provide you with outstanding investment services and support.